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Interview mit chance zum ESWC 2005 (von n1ghty):

pq-de: Hi chance, thx for your time! First, please introduce yourself, nick, name, age, work/schoo, etc.?
chance: My name is Chance Lacina - i'm 21 and i work at wal-mart =]

pq-de: What do u expect from these years ESWC, concerning to the players and the event as itself?
chance: I'm excited, its going to be a great year. I think it'll be better than last year-- I like the group format they're using now over the team format they used last year. As for the event itself, I havent really heard much. I know its going to be HUGE and its in an awesome city. I'm sure its going to be amazing.

pq-de: Which players do u expect to be the toughest enemies?
chance: I'm looking out for everyone-- of course I'm going to look out for people like czm and cooller, but its the people you don't see coming that are the most worrysome. The players that I dont know of from other countries that have amazing skills. I'm not that experienced, so every single opponent will be my toughest and it will gradually get harder as the tournament progresses. My greatest enemy is myself, if I can't keep my own composure-- it doesn't matter who I'm up against-- I'll lose.

pq-de: How do you count your own chances to place high? As we could see u can score pretty nice against czm, one of the favourites.
chance: I don't focus on that. I just focus on one match at a time. whatever happens, happens.

pq-de: Well, how would u compare the eu-players according to the americans in point of their playing-style? Maybe the eu's have a better chance, cause they mostly stay on a solid defensive game?
chance: Do you think defense is better than offense? Or offense is better than defense? Neither are true. Offense is when you have the advantage, defense is what you do to conserve your advantages. One isn't better than the other. I'm actually a defensive player, but you probably haven't seen that side of me yet.

pq-de: Well we are always prepared for some surprises ;> What do u think of the mapchoice (dm6, pt4, ztn, hub3a and dm13)? Would you've preferred pt7 instead of any of the other maps?
chance: I would definately replace dm6 with t7. dm6 is just boring and its pretty one sided for a tourney map. I think tourney7 is the best map to date.

pq-de: Too bad they didnt put it in. you also did your best game on it against czm. What do you think, will dm13 be an upset to the new players ? (maybe for yourself)
chance: dm13 is a good map, i like it alot, doesnt trouble me any.

pq-de: You have only showed some nice skills on one big lan-event. that was qcon 2k3, do you think you'll get nervous playing the big ones?
chance: I was nervous in my match against elpajuo for ggl this week, so yea i'll be nervous, but usually it wears off after a few games. I dont really start playing good until its a match or two into a tournament.

pq-de: So u always need your time to warm up?
chance: Warmup and breaking past nerves are two different things. I dont need warmup-- I just have to get past the nerves, and that can only be done by playing a high pressure match.

pq-de: Ok :> Well, which players would u set up for the top 5?
chance: I would set esp-josef, esp-jared, esp-bran, esp-jesse, and esp-jaweis but they didn;t get invited for some reason. ;)

pq-de: Hehe, maybe it was the faith as itself ?!? ;P
chance: Perhaps, one day they will arise and conquer all though, mark my words!

pq-de: Well, at least i wish u a nice stay, GOOD LUCK at the tournament, and that u reach your goals! Any greetings?
chance: 'd like to give a shout out to clan ESP... because they rule. Also, thanks to you for keeping planet quake alive ;)

pq-de: Hehe thank you very much :> For sure u can show us some upsets for the favourites ;>
chance: I hope so ;)

pq-de: Thanks for the time and cya
chance: Yep u2, lates.


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