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Interview mit k|cl0ck[9] zum ESWC 2005 (von n1ghty):

pq-de: Hi cl0ck, thx for your time! First, please introduce yourself, nick, name, age, work/schoo, etc.?
k|cl0ck[9]: My name is Mark ' cl0ck ' McGrail I am 20 years old and am currently a student in Maine, USA

pq-de: What do you expect for yourself according to this years ESWC?
k|cl0ck[9]: Right now I am currently just hoping for a top 10 finish. I feel as though if I achieve that or anything greater than that, I will have accomplished something as a dueler. ESWC is composed of the greatest duelers to ever play, being apart of that group is a big enough honor in itself.

pq-de: Who do you think will be the hardest enemies at ESWC?
k|cl0ck[9]: Right now I am seeing coller, toxic and of course czm as my toughest oppenants at ESWC. czm and cooller have so much experience and ar so well rounded, and toxic has unblievable aim at times. I feel as though these players will be the hardest of oppenants.

pq-de: Do you think the euros could be harder than the americans, cause of other playing-style?
k|cl0ck[9]: I think they are easier. Euros tend to play more defensively in my opinion and being the majority of the competition in america is very offensive you learn to play at a high speed, so i feel that playing at these high speeds will through the euros off.

pq-de: There are some new players taking part. These so called "underdogs" like chance or whylf could maybe upset some of the great stars. What do u think of that sentence?
k|cl0ck[9]: I know chance will pull some upsets if hes playing his best. As for whylf ive never even heard of him so I really couldnt tell you.

pq-de: What players will you miss at eswc, that choosed not to take part in the last days ? (python, morfaz etc.)
k|cl0ck[9]: I have never met python, but from being a CTF player I have heard a lot about him and would have liked to possibly participate in some CTF games with him at ESWC. He was one player that I was really look foward to meeting.

pq-de: How do you expect the whole ESWC according to other big lan-event you were taking part?
k|cl0ck[9]: I think ESWC will probably be one of if not the best even I will ever get the chance to go to. From hearing feedback from previous years to viewing pictures, I find it very good.

pq-de: It's really GREAT i must say for myself ;> Well let's take a view on the mappool. How would you comment the choice of the maps (dm6, pt4, ztn, hub3a and oldschool q3dm13)? Will the new players maybe get a disadvantage?
k|cl0ck[9]: I think the maplist is great, except for dm13. it is a great map, dont get me wrong, but there were other choices that should have been selected in its place. like tourney2 or tourney7.

pq-de: For example pt7 would have been nice, if i look back to the last games on americup 1v1. It was played much, would you've liked the map in the pool instead of something else?
k|cl0ck[9]: I would have definately liekd it in the pool instead of dm13. I feel as though dm13 is too much like ztn, and pro-t7 is such a unique map it would of fit perfectly.

pq-de: What do you say to the player-vs-player selection, instead of team-vs-team as last year?
k|cl0ck[9]: I feel as though it is unfortunate, but most countries would have had a hard time fielding the top notch 4 or so players you would need to do that. so player-vs-player was the best option.

pq-de: What are your top 5 seedings for the tournament?
k|cl0ck[9]: 1. czm 2. cooller 3. fox 4. toxic 5. socrates 6.(duh) me

pq-de: Which player would you at least want to play during your whole q3-carrear?
k|cl0ck[9]: I´ve played all of those players ;)

pq-de: Well thats nice for you :>
k|cl0ck[9]: hehe, ya :)

pq-de: Ok at least i want to wish you good luck for ESWC, that you reach your goals and thx for the time and the interview! Any greetings?
k|cl0ck[9]: Cloud 9 (DUH) and TEAM AWESOME, the greatest 2v2 team EVER constructed. c u in holland tox&fox!


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