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Interview mit czm zum ESWC 2005 (von n1ghty):

pq-de: What do u expect from these years ESWC, concerning to the players and the event as itself?
czm: I'm looking forward to seeing the inside of the Carrousel. I hope the environment will create an atmosphere anywhere near as good as last year's, which was incredible. As for the games, I'd like to play well by my own standards. If that means I end up placing well, sweet!

pq-de: Who of the players do you think will stay on top of the tournament? Maybe some surprising seeds according to the "underdogs" as chance etc.? (he did nice job against you at SADNA-tourney)
czm: I'd guess that anyone at the tournament can place top 12 on a good day, and about half have a realistic shot at top four. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot of upsets at this tournament. Look at last year -- all the players in the final four got there only because they managed to win very close games that could have gone either way. I think it's going to be very difficult for any player to make it into the money. The second group stage in particular is going to be very hard for everyone. But as for my prediction: I'll play cooller in the semifinals (for this to happen we'd have to end up in different groups in stage 2, and one of us will have to place 1st while the other places 2nd), and at least one of the players on the other side of the bracket will be an underdog.

pq-de: How did you prepare for eswc? Have you played on eu.servers as last year, to fit on their playstyle?
czm: I practiced with the other US players (chance,clock,socrates), antihero, and some other active US players for most of June. I burned myself out so bad and got so sick of the game a couple weeks ago that I decided to take almost a week off from it completely to recuperate. I've been playing a couple hours a day this week and I'm feeling much better now. I probably won't play more than a couple hours this weekend. I haven't played as much on EU servers this year since there have been plenty of US players to play. For some reason training for this tournament hasn't been that much fun, I guess because I already know all the maps very well and the "aim maintenance" game is dull and mechanical.

pq-de: Which players will you miss the most from the last years? (many were replaced or didnt take part : python, morfaz, zero4, z4muz)
czm: I'll miss playing z4muz'2004 on ztn and zero4'2003 on pt4. But I'm sure this event will create even more memorable matches with different players.

pq-de: According to the maplist, would you've prefered to take pt7 instead of dm13 ? and what do you say in general to the mappool (dm6, pt4, ztn, hub3a, dm13)?
czm: Either way...I think with a few days of practice on either I'd be about the same on them. My ideal map list is ztn, hub3a, pt4, since dm6/dm13 depend a lot on spawn luck (not just the starting spawn). But I feel about equal on all maps and think that it's a pretty good selection.

pq-de: Do you think dm13 could be a disadvantage for the newer players?
czm: I think it definitely will be. I've only played on dm13 in one tourney (DC-Con 7, June 2000, vs. socrates in the finals), since I didn't go to razer or wcg or any of those other early ones that featured the map. I know it was used in euro tourneys in 2003, so some of them should be good on it. It was my favorite 1v1 map until it got dumped.

pq-de: How do you compare the other two favourites toxic and cooller ? Have you watched demos from them, to fit in to their style? (for sure you played them often on lan ;>)
czm: I think they're both very good. I haven't seen many demos from them in the past year, but I played them both at QLAN2 and at QCON2k4, so I have some sense of their styles. I'd say cooller has a very slight edge on pt4/dm6/ztn, and probably on dm13, probably not on hub3 (I haven't seen toxic play either of those last two maps, so I don't really know). On ztn they're very different to play. Toxic isn't as good at running items as cooller, but cooller is more predictable. On dm6 everyone plays more or less the same, it just comes down to who can hit the clutch rails on the enemy with 100 health in the middle of the map one second before mega spawns, and who can get the clutch spawn at RA after dying in such an incident vs. who gets the unclutch spawn at SG. I couldn't really tell from my games vs. them on pt4 who was better, but I'd guess cooller has a little more experience there. If I had to pick one of them to play in a do-or-die match, I'd flip a coin. From what I hear they've both been training hard, so we'll probably see some great games.

pq-de: Looking back to the E3-Showgames, how would you weight these games?
czm: Going to the event, all I wanted to do gaming-wise was play cooller on either dm6 or ztn (since he felt unlucky to have drawn aero at QCON, and said he'd have won very easily on either of those maps), but it turned out to be the wrong place for such a match, to which anyone there could attest. The games were more for fun and showing off. The hall was very loud and everyone's screens were displayed on a wall facing the players, so it's a good thing that the games were mostly just for kicks. I don't think any of the players had much time to train...zero4 hadn't played much at all since last summer, I was in the middle of my end of year exams, and fox/cooller had been focusing more on 2v2's with toxic/jibo. The event itself was fun, and ggl took great care of us there.

pq-de: Which players do you expect for the top5 this year?
czm: Myself excluded, I think the favorites for top four are cooller, toxic, and fox. I've heard that they've all been training very hard. However, I know the other US players have prepared very well for this, so I wouldn't be surprised if some other players have as well. I don't want to jinx anyone, but I have a couple players in mind that I feel are underrated by most and will go much farther than is expected.

pq-de: Well, finally thank you for your time and the interview. i wish you GOOD LUCK at eswc and that you reach your goals! :> Any greetings?
czm: Thanks to everyone who helped me practice, and everyone who gave me encouragement.


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