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Interview with pure.Inf1nitY - 9th in the ingame.Quake-Cup Season Fall 2005 sponsored by connect3D Season Rankings after 5 Qualification-Tournaments. Please tell us something about yourself like name, age, location...

pure.Inf1nitY: Well, I'm Marvin Olmanst, 19 years now, I live in Holland, Eindhoven and I'm pretty new to the competative gaming thing.

When I played Quake 3 I was too young and didnt knew anything about things like CPL and stuff. And when I was pretty good with the game, it sort ofdied. Ive played Counter-Strike for 7 years, sort of. Trough CS I learned about the professional gaming concept. But I never loved CS the way I loved Quake 3. So I decided im going to give a shot at Quake 4 to get to the big events like CPL, ESWC, WCG etc. What do you do except playing Games? Any special hobbys? (What) Do you study?

pure.Inf1nitY: Hmmm, I really really LOVEEE watching japanese anime, if i play as much Quake 4 as much as I watch anime, I'll seriously own. hmmmm other then that I love playing a game called "Go" for people wondering what "Go" is check out:
It's an ancient board game where you have to be very tactical and think ahead all times.
I always play Go to calm down and relax, and I always play against other people on Monday's.

Other then that I really do nothing, yeah well I'm working alot, I study ICT. It's not really fun, but not boring either, all I like to do is play games actually. Do you play any game except for Q4 at the moment?

pure.Inf1nitY: Not anymore. How many hours a day do you practice gaming at the moment?

pure.Inf1nitY: Depends, If i'm really serious, I can play so much as 16 hours on a day. But the problem is i'm not serious enough, I get distracted easily and always chat and watch anime. But when there is something to do like for example this cup where alot of good players compete.
I'll train 1-2 days before and play 6-10 hours. But again it all depends on my mood. And enemy's. I dont like winning against noobs, but I dont like to loose aswell. But atleast loosing brings fire in my eyes and keeps me motivated to train hard and then ill challenge the same guy again few days after, and then I beat him. Which events in the next months are you mostly looking forward?

pure.Inf1nitY: I've got my lans planned here in holland, wich I will do my best to finally leave players like Vo0, Rufus, Redemz, Forever, prodx, etc behind me. and get the tickets to go to the big events.
Afcourse thats easier said then done. But to keep it short, I Really want to go to CPL WT's. Do you have plans about some special preparation in the next time, like bootcamps with other players/your clan?

pure.Inf1nitY: Yeah, for the first time since I play competative, im actually going to seriously start training my skills. Check out my weak points and try to overcome them. Though I have great training partners from great clans online. I dont see it happening that i'm capable of training with them somewhere offline cause there's no financial support to help me. So the will is there, But for now, thats about it. What do you think of Q4? Did it satisfy your exceptions?

pure.Inf1nitY: At first, im afcourse comparing it to Quake 3. And then Q4 really sucked. but after playing it for few hours I was already convinced this is a game im going to love just as much as I did with Quake 3.
It still didn't changed today. Though I miss some things in quake 4. like the good old airrockets and stuff. :D it just dont see it happen alot. or rocket jumping is abit weird compared to q3. What´s your oppinion concerning the "fight" between the Q4Max and Battlemod teams?

pure.Inf1nitY: I think it's all good. Cause that arQon guy is a smartass. And when he says "no" it stays "no".
I think thats wrong, but it's his mod so he can do what he likes. but we always have xbm to listen and fix it. So basicly... Q4max can't do completly whatever they like, cause they will loose support (the gamers). Currently thats whats holding q4max together. cause all alot of gamers are behind q4max. How good did you manage the switch to Q4 from your former game? Was it easy or hard to manage?

pure.Inf1nitY: It's hard. I'm not even close to the skill I had in quake 3. it has alot to do with sens. I perfected the sens in q3 over alot of time, and a great deal was "mouseaccel". something that q4 misses. Thats the biggest disappointment for myself. But Im doing fine getting used to my new sens the past few months, just make sure to watch my aim when playing if I play well ;) you'd be surprized. How did you prepare yourself for this final?

pure.Inf1nitY: Good question, I said to myself... Alright im going to train alottt the next 2 weeks. But always 1 week is over and im still sitting on my ass watching anime or chatting. afcourse ive played more then I normally do. But next week Im totally free. and im going to play 8 hours a day trying to master all weak points. and all maps. and finally learn how to time, cause I NEVER EVER TIME! Always play on intuition. that has to change. What do you think about your chance to win the inCup Finals?

pure.Inf1nitY: Well, Dunno about winning, but you guys certainly got the seedings wrong, But its up to me to prove it. No big talk this time ;) I'm really looking forward to this cup, and if I'm at my best I can crush some big names. Atleast I feel like I can. Which players are your favorites for the Top 3 spots??

pure.Inf1nitY: 1. Toogood, Cause that guy is really funny, I love his style and he's very skilled. I know he wont win but I put him on nr1 cause he's the coolest.
2. Vo0, Too busy with WoW.. (bad boy..) He's on 2nd place cause he's a dutchie... Dutchmen should support each other.
3. 2aU, He's not going to win the cup but I put him on 3 cause he's a dutch player, and you guys SERIOUSLY underestimate his skill... I really hope I dont have to play either Vo0 nor 2aU untill I'm very far in the cup!


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