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Interview with a-Losers.MSI k1ller - 15th in the ingame.Quake-Cup Season Fall 2005 sponsored by connect3D Season Rankings after 5 Qualification-Tournaments. Please tell us something about yourself like name, age, location...

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: Hello, my name is Marcel Paul. I am 19 years old and I live in Osnabrueck in Germany. What do you do except playing Games? Any special hobbys? (What) Do you study?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: I spend some time with my girlfriend and meet friends at partys at the weekends. At the moment Im a student at a technical school for 1 year emphasis IT. Do you play any game except for Q4 at the moment?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: No, only Quake4. How many hours a day do you practice gaming at the moment?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: At the moment not many because of stress with applications ect. Which events in the next months are you mostly looking forward?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: I think the CPL WT stops is my most looking forward event and some events in germany like The-Summit. Do you have plans about some special preparation in the next time, like bootcamps with other players/your clan?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: Dunno, I have to look up what the future brings. What do you think of Q4? Did it satisfy your exceptions?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: Not yet. But I think Quake4 will be in future a game like quake 3 arena osp with q4max. Whats your oppinion concerning the "fight" between the Q4Max and Battlemod teams?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: I think battlemod teams had a good start, but now end and later q4max will lead i think. How good did you manage the switch to Q4 from your former game? Was it easy or hard to manage?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: The change from quake 3 arena (osp) to quake 4 was easy because movement and weapons are near to quake 3 movement and weapons railgun is really important weapon and q4 rail is same as q3 rail. How did you prepare yourself for this final?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: I hope Ill can be on a good place, thats all. What do you think about your chance to win the inCup Finals?

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: I hope i have a good day at the finals and ca place me on the top 3 places. Which players are your favorites for the Top 3 spots??

a-Losers.MSI k1ller: fox and o0ze are really good players and i think they can be at the first 3 places.


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