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First i would like to gratulate the new winner of the Savage Rocket Arena 3 Liga to their victory. Great Job !
xBaboon^ :D
unc^ :)
Lyn^ thx:P
ù xBaboon does a little victory dance raw-^ feels good tbh :)
raw-^ btw no laughing at induce or X :^
Lyn^ lol

XL|KONI^ For all those guys outthere who dont know you yet: you guys are forming the "english" Rocket Arena 3 Clan "anarch3". Perhaps could you just give us some infos about it.
well i formed the clan with a few other ppl who used to be with the tdm clan AA. I think it was august 2000. A couple of us left a different ra3 clan for various reasons and decided to have a go at starting a clan to see how we could do We gradually increased in size from there. It really began to take shape earlier this year although weve only really begun to see stuff happening now :)

XL|KONI^ So we can say that your clan isn't that old. How comes that you have won the Savage Rocket Arena 3 League and even unbeaten. Aren't there any other good clans or is it just skill ?
xBaboon^There are some very good clans in there and what we've found from playing in it, is that there is a lot more to ra3 than individual skill. I think it's fair to say a lot of our success has come from our ever improving teamplay
unc^ mmmmmmmmm i think a lot of ppl have underestimated us tbh
Lyn^ we practice a lot more than other clans i think
raw-^ i personaly think its because we all get on well, amongst the obvious reasons
raw-^ theres no pressure :)
unc^ ye
raw-^ we just have fun
unc^ atmosphere in match on comms is usually laid back
unc^ helps
Lyn^ we're always chatting away and laughing even if the game is big
Lyn^ so it's not as nervous

XL|KONI^ You mentionned that you practice a many times ?
unc^ well for example, we have 6 games in 4 days comin up :)
xBaboon^ 7-8 matches a week?
Lyn^ 10 times a week?:)
raw-^ then theres the league games on top
unc^ although our squad means that most of those games will have different teams
unc^ think joining clanbase is gonna really increase the number of games the more we get into it
unc^ as i said tho we have a squad to cope with it
raw-^ well will be good fun playing in CB i think, more euro clans :)
xBaboon^ and make sure that everyone sees a lot of game time, which will strengthen us

XL|KONI^ What was your hardest game you ever had ? Was it in the Savage Liga or was it in another league ?
xBaboon^ ooo, vs X in savage?
raw-^ prolly that or induce
raw-^ i'd be tempted to say induce with it deciding who goes 3 points a head with 1 game left
unc^ tbh X game was probably the easier as i dont think ne of us expected to win
Lyn^ the 2die4 game on map8 was quite hard too, in bwra3l, that was a very long time ago tho
unc^ knowing we could beat X meant the induce game was much bigger
Lyn^ was very close:)
unc^ ye
xBaboon^ yeah, that was great
xBaboon^ last player of each team, last round and the winner decided who took the division title
unc^ 2die4 game was definately the closest game weve ever had

XL|KONI^ But there still something i don't really understand: One of you said that in your clan every member is in the ra3 squad. But how can you make tactics or form a team unit if everytime there is another player ?
xBaboon^ we have regular internal practises
unc^ and we usually make sure tactics are clear at the start in priv chan
xBaboon^ and have tactics drawn up and sent to everyone for each map
unc^ and alter and add to what we do in game
Lyn^ even if we have different players in different games, we can still tell if the tactics are working or not

What are you planing to do now ? Enlarge your clan, form a TDM or CTF Team ... win another league ?
unc^ most of us play tdm for other clans already
xBaboon^ i think it's safe to say the squad doesnt need expansion
unc^ and im not sure bout interest in ctf within the clan
raw-^ we have a very healthy squad as it is really
xBaboon^ im up for ctf btw :P
Lyn^ i hate tdm
Lyn^ :)
unc^ weve recently joined clanbase and will be going for the cup when it begins again
unc^ if nethin we'll expand into more european competitions
xBaboon^ so that will be 3 active leagues/competitions
unc^ think the main focus will be on doing well in barrysworld tho
xBaboon^ yeah
xBaboon^ thats the main league that has attention paid to it in UK
unc^ competition is stronger there than in savage and we'll be more comfortable with rules/ping than in clanbase
xBaboon^ most pride and kudos attached
Lyn^ yeah, in clanbase we're all going to have 100 pings:)
Lyn^ we're not used to that
unc^ :)
raw-^ except for me on ADSL
ù raw- grins
Lyn^ lamer
Lyn^ :)
unc^ 300 ping :]
raw-^ mind u was 300 in bw the other
raw-^ day
xBaboon^ lol
Lyn^ lol
raw-^ :p
raw-^ 0wnedme :\

XL|KONI^ What do you think of the german RA3 Teams ?
xBaboon^ very good from what ive seen
unc^ ye
raw-^ zp are german arent they ?
xBaboon^ Onslaught look very very good
Lyn^ (dutch)
xBaboon^ and unmatched
raw-^ are ZP german ?
unc^ havent played against a german ra3 clan yet tbh but if tdm sides are nethin to go on they should b v.difficult opposition
Lyn^ german clans look very good, i don't think we've ever played any yet though
xBaboon^ ive seen some demos of Onslaught
Lyn^ i've seen demos from your XL site though, and XL look very good:)
xBaboon^ yeah
xBaboon^ nice fast pace
Lyn^ UK clans camp too much:)
raw-^ i think the euro games are a lot diffrent compared to UK
unc^ ye
ù raw- coughs a3 v Xe
xBaboon^ german leagues are diff tho, no armour or falling dmg, so it looks a lot more flashy
raw-^ tbh i prefer armour damage and falling damage on
xBaboon^ id like to see how german clans would do in a UK league
Lyn^ i don't like falling damage:)
raw-^ i do ;p
xBaboon^ but yeah, in summation, german clans look good
raw-^ big word for a southerner btw ;)
xBaboon^ shhhh
xBaboon^ ;)
Lyn^ lolol
raw-^ even i didnt know it :p

XL|KONI^ Finally is there anything you want to tell our readers ?
Lyn^ hi!
Lyn^ ;p
raw-^ we got requests from a few ppl for that question
unc^ :)
raw-^ safe to say we cant repeat :p

XL|KONI^ sure you can :)
Lyn^ i could tell them that Spineshank are a very good band
xBaboon^ see you all soon i dare say, we're coming ;P
raw-^ i wub u all :)
Lyn^ :)
unc^ i think leaving it at we'll be seeing some of them soonish and dont rail me too much :)

Lyn^ ;pp
ù xBaboon rails unc
ù raw- eats Lyn
ù Lyn misses unc with rail, as usual
raw-^ 'lyn: i hit someone with a rail btw;
raw-^ lol

XL|KONI^ I have to thank you a lot for the interview and we all hope to see you again on place 1 sometimes....
xBaboon^ lyn : i killed someone with a rail, he was standing still
unc^ :)
xBaboon^ thanks KONI
unc^ ta koni cya around
unc^ :)
Lyn^ thanks m8
Lyn^ :)
raw-^ thx for the interview koni
raw-^ cya around :)
xBaboon^ nice to get a bit of exposure
unc^ mebbe c u in cb :)

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