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Interview von havox und popo mit
arQon vom cpma mod.

Ich muss dem Interview vorwegnehmen, dass das ganze eiugentlich anders geplant war. Auf Grund des Umschwungs in der deutschen RA3 Szene von RA3 auf cpma-ra3 wollten wir von eine Gegenüberstellung machen. Die Chefdesigner beider Mods sollten die gleich Fragen bekommen, um die Meinungen der beiden möglichst gut miteinader vergleichen zu können. Wir schickten die folgenden Fragen auch an den RA3 Chef David "crt" Wright, dieser "hatte wohl aber keine Zeit, um sich mit dem Thema cpma zu befassen" und schrieb uns auch nach einer Woche des Wartens keine Antwort. Deshalb könnte ihr jetzt nur die Antworten von arQon lesen, diese sind aber denke ich auch interessant genug :)

Could you tell our readers something about yourself ?
When did you start playing q3? What were your first feelings and impressions about it?
I was interviewed on CHWD a little while ago. [Interview Link] More useless information about me than you could ever want to know. :) [Ausschnitt: arQon: My real name's Kevin, I'm English, and I'm currently living in Tahoe, California. After 14 years as a developer on Wall St and in Silicon Valley, I figured I deserved a break, so I took a year off to snowboard and work on fun projects. Unfortunately, that year is just about up, so I'll be looking for a job in the very near future. :( ]

Do you play ra3/cpma? why/ why not? (no, don't take your own mod, take the other one ;))
I used to play a lot of RA3 - I've always really enjoyed Clan Arena. But I got into ProMode quite a while ago, and I was getting tired of even occasional VQ3 play by last Autumn. I kind of kept playing RA3 just because a lot of my clan were into it, then we got aimbotted two matches in a row and I decided I'd had enough. I deleted it and haven't ever played since. Even if RA3 didn't have such rampant cheating I doubt I'd play it anyway: I'm pretty much exclusively ProMode these days, except for the occasional Instagib game when my clan's short a player for a match.

What was your intention making this mod ? Too much sparetime ? ;)
I loved CPM's gameplay, but the mod was kind of weak in places: it didn't have OSP's level of tourney options, and it couldn't do MA. So I started CPMA, and when the 1.25 patch came out and we had to port to that, we decided to just drop the old mod and concentrate on CPMA instead.

What did you want to achieve with your mod?
The best possible environment for ProMode play. VQ3 support really wasn't important to me: it's just there because Hoony insisted that we leave it as an option.

Do you think you have reached that goal until now?
Absolutely. Only OSP even comes close to CPMA in terms of what it can deliver (for obvious reasons) but the CPMA core (multiple concurrent DM/TDM/CTF/CA games) is far more advanced than any other mod, or even game, ever made.

Are there any further plans of developement regarding your mod ? if yes, in which way? if no, why not?
There are a few things left that I want to get in there, yeah. And I expect we'll continue to refine ProMode gameplay for a while yet. The design team has a habit of going over even the most minute things until they're convinced that it's perfect.

Do you think you will continue with your work in other games? Thinking about Doom3 or maybe even Q4?
Thinking about them, yes, but they're so far in the future that it's hard to say if we'll do anything for them or not. It really comes down to having the time for it, and I have no idea what my life will be like 15 or so months from now.

Do you think id is doing enough for mod-makers? Do they actually care about the "scene"?
Kind of, yeah. I talk to them a lot, and when they have the chance they'll do everything they can to help mod makers out. The problem is that they're swamped with Doom3 work these days, and on they don't always have the same opinion of what's important for Q3 that the hardcore gamers do.

When you are playing your own mod, does the scene you have created satisfy you or do you feel seperated from them?
I love the ProMode crowd. That's why I spend so much time in IRC. :) It takes a certain kind of attitude to get good at it simply because of how hard you get punished when you're a newbie. So it tends to naturally weed out the whiners and lamers, because they can't hack it. I think the community is probably the best one around, because of the type of people that the game attracts.

any hints and tricks for ongoing mod-makers?
Learn how to code *first*. :) The Q3 code is an absolutely terrible place to start. If you don't know what you're doing, it'll get you into a lot of bad habits. It's also pretty opaque and has been hacked to bits in a lot of places. It works, mostly, but often barely. :) With Jim Dose on board at id these days I'm hoping for great things from the Doom3 source - the few comments he and JC have made about it make it sound like he really knows what he's doing and the whole thing will undergo a complete redesign and rewrite.

and a last question: who kicks your butt harder, SATAN or Jesus Christ? :)
Satan's a pussy if you can keep him away from the RL. Christ has the better rail by a long way. :)

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