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Diesmal haben wir einen nicht ganz so bekannten, aber dennoch interessanten Spieler in unserem Interview. Der itialienische Spieler gia aus dem Clan TuLLs spricht über das bevorstehende Eurocup-Spiel gg Ocrana.

Interview von Forlani mit
TuLLs|gia am 24.11.2000:

forlani: first of all it would be nice, if you could tell us a littel bit about yourself and how you started with quake
TuLLs|gia: Well I'm 19, I live in Genoa and I'm a student... I started playing Quake2 in early 1998 and won a few duel tournaments... after that I began teamplay with clan TuLLs and joined both their qw and q2 teams.
TuLLs|gia: I ended up playing more qw than q2 as its such a better game :)

forlani: so what does "tulls" mean ?
TuLLs|gia: It comes from the name of one of the original founders in 1997: Tullio
TuLLs|gia: He was cic's boss

forlani: ah.. k :) cause we were guessing here a lot :)
forlani: so.. last round you played against german clan mTw, it seemed you guys hadn´t that much problems... winning with 3:0
TuLLs|gia: Well mTw had a few problems and one of their players had to play on isdn so I guess they could have done slightly better.. I don't think it would have been enough to win tho.
TuLLs|gia: Most clans underestimate us :)

forlani: well, your next opponent in the quaterfinals is again a german clan.. this time you´re facing ocrana. what do you think will be the outcome of the game?
TuLLs|gia: Its tough to say, ocrana are a very impressive team... especially now that Slinger has returned. We have never played this team so I can't really make a prediction. All I know is that I'm very confident in our team and if we manage to play at 100% we will win it.
forlani: it seems your favorite map is dm6tmp. can you say what maps your team will pick and how your strategy against ocrana would look like ?
TuLLs|gia: I'm afraid I can't answer that :) I hope ocrana agrees to play us on q3dm8 though ;)
forlani: dammit, just thought i could get some secret infos out of your bag ;)
forlani: when you´re team is playing are you sitting all together in one room ?
TuLLs|gia: Yes we have always played like that, even though its quite an effort for us to do so, we all live in different places and have to drive 200-300km each time (not counting miso).
forlani: are you making extra training sessions with your team for the eurocup games? and how often you´re training?
TuLLs|gia: We usually lan the weekend before a big game or tournament. We don't play much online. TuLLs|gia: We have trained a lot before frag4 though.. in august and september
TuLLs|gia: We didn't perform as well as we could have there... but the experience we made was invaluable

forlani: who do you think will win eurocup finals ? any favorite on your side ?
TuLLs|gia: The winner of the e9 vs all* game will certainly make the top2, thats all I can guess. We hope to improve last year's result (4th place) and get in the top3... but if we lose to ocrana then i guess we will be cheering for them :)
forlani: thats nice :)
forlani: o.k. gia we wish you the best for your next game versus ocrana and maybe we can have a talkback when tulls won the finals ;)
forlani: thanks for your precious time :)
TuLLs|gia: my pleasure :)

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