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Interview von Chaos mit
geführt im Quakenet am 06.09.2000:

pq|EoC|Chaos: Hello LakermaN...hope you are doing fine...and thx in advance for the interview.
all-lakerman: Hello :)
pq|EoC|Chaos: =) Could you tell our readers some more about yourself?
all-lakerman: Ok, my real name is Oskar Ljungstrom, I just turned 20, I live in Uppsala Sweden, I recently graduated from high school and Im now trying my best to become a professional gamer.
pq|EoC|Chaos: When did you start playing games like Quake?
all-lakerman: I started back in 96 with Doom2 and Duke3d, then I got into Quake in August 96 I think, been playing ever since.
pq|EoC|Chaos: Now after creating the new clan "QuadArena Allstars"...will you be able to participate at the FRAG4?
all-lakerman: We dont know if were gonna participate in frag4 yet. ... ...
pq|EoC|Chaos: How would you jugde the development in progaming in Scandinavia?
all-lakerman: USA has always been 1 step ahead when it comes to progaming because of their big tournaments etc. It seems like Scandinavia is finally catching up now though as some clans start getting sponsors for free trips. I dont think more than maybe 2-3 people in the world make a living out of playing games only, 1-2 years from now I think we will see quite a few people becoming true "Professional gamers" though.
pq|EoC|Chaos: The competition is pretty hard...i guess... How would you jugde yourself? How good are you as a 1v1 player?
all-lakerman: I try to let the results speak for themselves, and so far the results seem to say Im pretty good ;).
pq|EoC|Chaos: hehe
pq|EoC|Chaos: Will you partcipate in some bigger tournaments soon? Perhaps in germany?
all-lakerman: The only tournament Im sure I will attend as of now is Battletop in London this weekend, but there are many others I might compete in. I would love to compete in Germany, but I havent heard of any big tournament in Germany yet.
pq|EoC|Chaos: Do you know some german players in person? And how do you rate german quaking overall?
all-lakerman: Ive met pretty much everyone in Schroet Kommando and theyre all great guys. Germany is definetly one of the top Quakenations in the world.
pq|EoC|Chaos: A question about the BWEC. You also participated. Do you think Russia deserves the title? Or was some other team better?
all-lakerman: Since they beat England, Germany and Sweden, they definetly deserve the title.
pq|EoC|Chaos: How much time do you need for pratice each day?
pq|EoC|Chaos: Or is it just talent? =)
all-lakerman: Talent without practice is no good, I usually dont play at all when Im at home on my ISDN modem, but when I go to Stockholm every other week or so I play all day long on LAN.
pq|EoC|Chaos: Ok i guess that about it...anything you want to tell our german readers?
all-lakerman: Danke schön :)
pq|EoC|Chaos: hehe =)
pq|EoC|Chaos: Thanks a lot...and good luck for you and your new clan! Hope we meet again...=)
pq|EoC|Chaos: Perhaps playin quake against each other =)
all-lakerman: hehe, who knows :)
all-lakerman: Thanks :)

pq|EoC|Chaos: i´ll tell you when it will be online!

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