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Gesprächt mit sk.cs !! winners in this last PCAMasters , they have an opinion too about Quake and Female comunity =D

aNouC: this was a interview at diferent moments... after some pc problems i made this mix :P (there is a spanish version also available)

[pq]aNouC[de]: hi Mr.Robkillah
[pq]aNouC[de]: how's going for a boy like u after win a tourney like pcam ?

[sk-Robkill]: :P
[sk-Robkill]: iam nice :)
[sk-Robkill]: i feel really great :)

[pq]aNouC[de]: well you are nice without win pcam too.. (<- haha)
[pq]aNouC[de]: but that's not the point
[pq]aNouC[de]: for the people who don't know about cs, what means win pcam ?

[sk-TheKaiser]: well.. the PCAM was the highly most doped Event ever in Germany
[sk-TheKaiser]: i cant say .. the "most important". The CPL ist very importent too.

sk-untouchable: we trained hard for that event harder than for cpl or lan arena
[sk-Robkill]: Pcam was the biggest CS event in germany with the highest cash prices :)
[sk-Robkill]: And a lot of good teams took part

[pq]aNouC[de]: talk me about this high cash prices? ;)
[pq]aNouC[de]: how big they are ?

[sk-Robkill]: You could win 25.000 DM.
[sk-Robkill]: In CS and UT
[sk-Robkill]: 10.000 for the second place

[pq]aNouC[de]: is what sk.cs team won then ?
[sk-Robkill]: yeah we won 25.000 DM
[pq]aNouC[de]: when a profesional clan receive this money, what they do ? give some of this to each player ? or is mostly for some clan projects ?
[sk-Robkill]: Normally we gave some money to each player. This time it will be different.
[sk-Robkill]: Most of the money is for the 5 players.

[pq]aNouC[de]: and how will be this time ?
[sk-Robkill]: We will give some money to the other players and the rest will belong to us :)
[pq]aNouC[de]: ahhh i see
[sk-Robkill]: I dont want to say the speziall money :)
[pq]aNouC[de]: You don't need to... ;) .. in pcam u only play against german clans ?
[sk-Robkill]: No.. all clans who took apart in the lan qualifikations.
[sk-Robkill]: Sdd was a austrian clan as an example

[pq]aNouC[de]: which are the diference with CPL or Lan Arena for example ?
[sk-Robkill]: Mh... there are not many differences.
<[sk-Untouchable]> it was much more easier to get the 5 k cus we didnt have to play agains so many good teams as on international turnaments
[pq]aNouC[de]: the prices?
<[sk-Untouchable]> hehe not really ... money is money :)
[sk-Volli]: The CPL in latin america was well organized in searching a place for all gamers to play ! we had some closed rooms to play not that much sounds around you like at the CPL! also the great organisation from PCAM was much better than every CPL oder LA i ever have been part of!

<[sk-Jap]> The biggest difference was that CPL an LA have no real qualification. For the PCAM we had to play lots of qualifiers and so there were only 8 selected clans there. Another difference was the only disadvantatge they had
[sk-Robkill]: First u had to qualify in Lan :)
[sk-Robkill]: in many lans
[sk-Robkill]: or internet tournaments.
[sk-Robkill]: And the best 8 teams were allowed to play the PCA finals.
[sk-Robkill]: Thats all :)

[pq]aNouC[de]: i see
[pq]aNouC[de]: how are the minuts / hours / days before an event like that ?

[sk-TheKaiser]: ooh... very very excited... i was so happy the days before. And when the Events start and the games the Strain is as its highest Level.
[sk-untouchable]: depends..
[sk-untouchable]: i felt good cus i knew we had the chance to win the price

<[sk-Jap]> I was really looking forward to it because I like such big LAN events and it´s always a pleasure to get to know the other players and to gain some money :>. Just before the big games started I was a bit nervous but it was a great feeling.
[pq]aNouC[de]: which one is the maximum price that a cs player / cs team can get ? something like the nirmana... ;) One dream to play and win...
[sk-Volli]: i think there is too much trouble about Counter-strike! In this game there are to much things like luckshots ... these facts make this game more unserious to me .. :-[
[sk-Volli]: wait for new games like Quake
[sk-Volli]: and then GOGOGO for the millions of $

[sk-Robkill]: In dezember there is the world championchip in Dalls
[sk-Robkill]: you can win there 150.000 Dollars
[sk-Robkill]: The first place will get 50.000 Dollars
[sk-Robkill]: that means :)
[sk-Robkill]: 10.000 Dollars for one player :)
<[sk-Jap]> The biggest dream is to win the World Championship in Dallas next December. It´s the biggest Counter-Strike event ever seen and has a lot of cash prices.

[pq]aNouC[de]: in december have the World Cyber Games too.. where will appear the name of the "best team of the world" is not that better than money ?
[sk-Robkill]: mhhh ... of course you want to get the money. But i think we will go there too, if we would get only the name of the " best team" :)
[pq]aNouC[de]: u know the dates of each tourney ? 5 of december starts WCG
[pq]aNouC[de]: u will have time for travel till Korea ? :)

[sk-Robkill]: dont know yet :)
[sk-Robkill]: if not.. i will take the time :)
[sk-untouchable]: well... i think that price money is the best u can win with a pc game ... but the titel as best team of the world is a nice extra but not really important for me ya know
<[sk-Jap]> The CPL announced their tournament beforce the WCG and it was a kinda really lame action to anounce the WCG just on the same weekend.Nearly all top clans will travel to Dallas. <[sk-Jap]> We wont support such a lame action.

[pq]aNouC[de]: is very important the mental train before events like that ?
[pq]aNouC[de]: because with travels, and changes of hours...

[sk-Robkill]: Of course it is.. but the training is more important :)
[sk-Robkill]: if you trained enough, you are less nervous :)

[sk-untouchable]: weed is my cheat :D
[sk-untouchable]: j/k ;D
[sk-untouchable]: no mental train...

<[sk-Jap]> It´s really neccesary to prepare a lot for such events. You have to train all maps several times and it helps you a lot to stay cool if you know that you are well prepared.We don´t have any mentral trainers atm so we concentrate on our normal train ;)
[pq]aNouC[de]: hehe, do you think sk is the world dream team of cs actually ?
[sk-Robkill]: no..
[sk-Robkill]: there are many teams in the world..
[sk-Robkill]: and there are days in which u play so badly.
[sk-Robkill]: like the CPL europe.

[sk-TheKaiser]: mhh its difficult to state, cause there are so much Teams, like the scandinavians particularly finland
[sk-TheKaiser]: atm we are best in DE, yes :)

[sk-Volli]: just as i said! Counter-Strike is a game with too much things like luck in it =)=
[sk-Volli]: no of course not! sk is very good but there is still much to do!
[sk-Volli]: i think we play on 60-70% atm
[sk-Volli]: our practise for the PCAM were about 3 games with 3 different Teams anyway!

[sk-untouchable]: hmmm
[sk-untouchable]: i dont think so, i think that there are about 5 teams in the world that have a similar level

<[sk-Jap]> We did a god job at the PCAM but in CS times are changing fast so we have to train a lot more to hold our stage
[pq]aNouC[de]: are you afraid to meet the best teams in each lan, for example this next CWG ?
[sk-Robkill]: no
[sk-Robkill]: iam not afraid :)

[sk-untouchable]: not really, there ARE only 5 clans goods in my opinion, maybe 6
[sk-TheKaiser]: no, we will expect some good teams there (Korea) and maybe some of them can defeat some favorite
[pq]aNouC[de]: maybe first time for play with players from south africa, spain, america..
[sk-Robkill]: doesnt matter :)
[sk-Robkill]: we are good enough.

[sk-untouchable]: or 7.. :D
[pq]aNouC[de]: hehehe
[sk-Robkill]: In the opposite. i enjoy plaing against good teams
[sk-Robkill]: :P

[pq]aNouC[de]: fine
[pq]aNouC[de]: do you think the games world is enought advanced ? enought support, enought sponsorship...
[pq]aNouC[de]: u feel that ur getting the correct after the work of trains and so ?

[sk-Robkill]: Everything can be better in the world.
[sk-Robkill]: But iam happy atm :)

[sk-Volli]: well hard to answer at the moment! we are still at the beginning of everything including E Sports
[sk-Volli]: but there was enough of support to let this all possible
[sk-Jap] Well it´s just the beginning and we hope to get sponsored more and more but we are really satisfied with our situation atm. Turled Entertainment does a great job for us and sponsors like Intel,Elsa,Flying Horse and Abit help us a lot to be well prepared for future tournaments

[sk-untouchable]: i dont care cus this is just a game for me i dont expect anything from anyone i just expect that they gimme the money ive won on lans
[sk-untouchable]: but
[sk-untouchable]: everything i need my clan and our sponsors give me
[sk-untouchable]: thx to intel , flying horse , abit , elsa :)

[pq]aNouC[de]: obligate question from , what's ur opinion about Quake ?
[sk-Robkill]: Quake is a really cool game :)
[sk-Robkill]: *slime*
[sk-Robkill]: ;P
[sk-Robkill]: QUake is the second game i play.

[sk-untouchable]: quake rulz and i could kill my self that i started playing HL and not Quake 2 years ago :D
[pq]aNouC[de]: hahah
[sk-TheKaiser]: omg... well Quake is a very nice game but.. i dont wanna play it like a pro :)
[pq]aNouC[de]: hahaha
[sk-Volli]: i love to play quake ! i am not so good i think but it is a nice game for me and my friends ! same skills in this game and we can laugh about everything like in the beginning of counter-strike!
[sk-Volli]: When i play counter-strike i am so unhappy :-\ no more fun
[sk-Volli]: quake is real funny
[sk-Jap]: I like Quake for some funs games but I think Counter-Strike is more funny :)

[pq]aNouC[de]: do you think cs is making Quake die?
[sk-Robkill]: HAE ? :)
[sk-Robkill]: yes yes :)=

[sk-Volli]: i dont hope this! Quake is a great game and you really need the skills for it! CS is diffrent =)
[sk-Jap]: Quake was the first real game which was played "professional" but Counter-Strike is more open for news players and it´s played more often so I think it will push Quake back more and more.
[pq]aNouC[de]: what about the new Doom3 ?
[pq]aNouC[de]: maybe makes die cs ;)

[sk-Robkill]: no :)
[sk-Robkill]: i bet, there will be CS2 for Tf2
[sk-Robkill]: :)

[pq]aNouC[de]: hehehe
[sk-Robkill]: Doom3 is there future for all quakers.
[sk-Robkill]: but not for us :)

[pq]aNouC[de]: hehehe and for sure... what's ur opinion about female comunity (cs and quake)?
[sk-TheKaiser]: more girls more more more .. lol.. yes this community HAS to grow!!
[pq]aNouC[de]: sure that opinion is great ;)
<[sk-Jap]> I really like girls playing computer games.I hope it will increase a lot ;P
[sk-Volli]: hmm Y not?? Playing games is fun, and everybody should take a look at these games anyway =)
[sk-Robkill]: i think it a good idea.
[sk-untouchable]: mhh
[sk-Robkill]: but why cant females play in the same team
[sk-Robkill]: like men ? (<-- EHHHHH Here i make the questions :P tsts)

[pq]aNouC[de]: coz there are not enought girls for find some really monsters i guess
[pq]aNouC[de]: :)

[sk-Robkill]: mh..
[sk-Robkill]: then you have to train much more :)

[sk-untouchable]: don't really know
[sk-untouchable]: i think its good that girls r playing cs cus why shouldnt girls rule too :)
[sk-untouchable]: id like to have a female cs squad :))

[pq]aNouC[de]: which are ur favourite female players (cs and q3) ?
[sk-TheKaiser]: you :)))
[sk-untouchable]: you :)
[pq]aNouC[de]: thx ;)
[sk-Robkill]: All SK q3 girls :)
[sk-Volli]: hmm first of course the SK female section!!! ;)
[pq]aNouC[de]: u saw them playing ? or is just coz are ur in ur clan ?
<[sk-Jap]> I already played some matches against them and they are really good.
[sk-untouchable]: i never seen a girl playing a game so... :D
[pq]aNouC[de]: hahaha ;) thx anyways
[sk-untouchable]: well wait in cs i seen rg-ana playing, she's quite good for a girl :D
[sk-Robkill]: I could stand out the membersk without them :)
[sk-Robkill]: I played with the often.
[sk-Robkill]: And i like them in their personal way :)
[sk-Robkill]: character :)

[sk-Volli]: sure i played some times with them for fun on our servers! real fun!! =)
[pq]aNouC[de]: fine, some name inside cs scene ?
[sk-Robkill]: mhh no..
[sk-Volli]: i know some girls who play CS very well
[pq]aNouC[de]: hehe ok.. luck in the next events and thx for ur time ;)
[sk-Robkill]: thx =)
[sk-TheKaiser]: thx... :*
[sk-Jap]: np cu soon

[sk-Volli]: thx for the interview! bye


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