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Interview von Chaos mit [9]DOOMer und
[9]xorgal geführt im Quakenet am 06.09.2000:

pq|EoC|Chaos: Hello guys and thanks in advance for the interview...
pq|EoC|Chaos: First of all, could u give our readers some information about you two?
[9]xorgal: My name is sverker bodin, im 17 years and live in stockholm/sweden
[9]DOOMer: Tomi Kärnä, 23 year old student in Linköping/Sweden

pq|EoC|Chaos: Xorgal: What were the reasons for you, to change from clan e9 (Eyeballers) to Clan9 ?
[9]xorgal: to make a long story short, we had some problems in e9 and i just felt more home in clan9
pq|EoC|Chaos: thats a good reason...
pq|EoC|Chaos: What would you two say about the development in progaming in scandinavia...and especially in Sweden ?
[9]DOOMer: Pretty slow so far. We have a lot of talent but not a lot of sponsorship, tournaments or competitions
pq|EoC|Chaos: Is it possible to make a living with quake? How about sponsorchips ?
pq|EoC|Chaos: And how can you afford all the flights?
[9]xorgal: Quake3 as all games will die sometime, so u cant really make a living on it forever.
[9]xorgal: and more clans are getting sponsors, and its often the sponsors who pay the trips

[9]DOOMer: Well if you are the best and win every tourney you attend then sure. But the chances for that aren´t very big. I guess you need a website along with the gaming like Thresh and the XSR crew to become very succesful economically. Flights are usually paid by sponsors but thats also about it.
pq|EoC|Chaos: How much training did you need to become such good players...and how much do you practice each day now?
[9]xorgal: when Quake3 came out to the stores , i buyed it directly ... and i practiced so much so i totally fucked up my school =/

[9]DOOMer: Well I´ve been playing for 5 years now so :) Guess about 2 hours / day
pq|EoC|Chaos: ok =/
pq|EoC|Chaos: Back to Clan9...I read on your homepage that you started with a new team in the how is it doing so far?
[9]DOOMer: Really well. They recently won K9-Con without much practise at all so I think they will do very good in the future.

pq|EoC|Chaos: Do you already know, what touraments you´ll participate next? Anyones in germany?
pq|EoC|Chaos: And what players do you know in germany?
[9]DOOMer: No idea really except for the world championships in Korea.
[9]xorgal: SK ofcourse, Griff and little brother Kane =)

pq|EoC|Chaos: hehe
[9]DOOMer: Well almost all the SK dudes and some ppl from ocrana. Griff and Kane I know the best. Been to many events with them and spoken with them quite much IRL
pq|EoC|Chaos: And last but not least some questions about the national team of sweden...
pq|EoC|Chaos: You both participated in the bwec...were you satisfied with the result, or does it still bother you?
[9]xorgal: dosen´t bother me anymore, and i mean, BWEC2 is gonna start soon, ill take my revenge =)
[9]DOOMer: Doesn´t really bother me anymore but I´m not satisfied with the result. It could have been worse though if Russia would have owned us but now they won with a few frags so it could have gone either way. Tactic and playwise I think we did a splendid job through the whole event.
pq|EoC|Chaos: Ok that´s about it...thanks again to both of you. And good luck in the future! Hope to see you again some time...perhaps playin quake.
pq|EoC|Chaos: Anything else you wanna say to our readers?
[9]DOOMer: youre welcome
[9]DOOMer: negative ;)

[9]xorgal: hehe
pq|EoC|Chaos: =)
[9]xorgal: thx man, cu
pq|EoC|Chaos: cu

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