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Interview mit [FOE]OoZe zum Clanbase CTF Eurocup XI (von roach):

pq-de|roach: Hola mr. ooze.
[FOE]OoZe: Hello miss roach.

pq-de|roach: =)).
pq-de|roach: Would you please be so kind and introduce you and your clan for those who don't know you yet.
[FOE]OoZe: My name is Jonas Gustavsson, 20 years old, from Sweden. I've been playing for FOE for many years now and my clan mates have changed much during the years. In our current lineup we got 5 swedes: myself, kicker, zonic, prozpect, dibbe, 1 german: zine, and 1 dutch: frog. Very nice guys all of them whom I enjoy playing with very much.

pq-de|roach: So it is the 11th Eurocup. What expectations do you have? Do you think it will be something special or just another Eurocup?
[FOE]OoZe: My expectations are the same as before, have fun and try to get as far as possible. This year we are aiming for the top for sure. Every Eurocup is special in some way or another, new exciting games, new teams, new flame wars etc. It hasn't been 10 CTF Eurocups tho . I must give credits to all the admins and supervisor who are still working to keep the scene alive, go rosie .

pq-de|roach: Hehe. When I have a look at the groups I see very strong teams in this season: eL, S?, gzd, FOE, EYE...
pq-de|roach: Who are your favourites and why?
[FOE]OoZe: In group A I find broken,blimey or whatever they are called and ourselves the favourites. Broken because they won last EC and they are a very good (defensive) team, and ourselves just because :P. In group B I can see three teams that are looking equally strong to win the group and they are: gzd,S? and EYE. EYE has a great new team that will cause some problems for the other teams, and S?, gzd has always been strong teams.

pq-de|roach: Hehe yeah I agree with you.
pq-de|roach: If you see yourselves in front of group A, how much do you train for the EC?
[FOE]OoZe: We try to play atleast 3 evenings a week. Maybe not as much practice games now when all the leagues are starting. We got TDM 4v4 and TDM 2v2 to play aswell.
[FOE]OoZe: In CB that is.

pq-de|roach: Do you think quake, especially CTF, is played in a different way today then in the first seasons? And if you think so, in which way different?
[FOE]OoZe: I didn't play CTF during the very first season of CB, but I remember that when I started playing the game was much more offensive than it is nowadays. I think the game has turned more defensive during the years because all players have developed much better aim, with of course training, new and better connections and computers. Nowadays a team with GREAT aim can do pretty well without to much CTF routine or tactics.

pq-de|roach: Just true...
pq-de|roach: the good old times .
[FOE]OoZe: Exactly.
[FOE]OoZe: :>

pq-de|roach: In this season ALL rocketjump-scripts are forbidden. Do you think it is the right way to go "back-to-basic" ?
[FOE]OoZe: YES! NO F***IN scripts. It's for noobs that don't know the art of rocketjumping . Imo its cheating since you can do stuff you normally cant pull off with skill and training. If the ninja script still was allowed I wouldnt be playing Q3 CTF for sure.

pq-de|roach: !!!!!! Damn right.
[FOE]OoZe: Just my oppinion :P
pq-de|roach: Yeah but it is mine too
[FOE]OoZe: Good...
pq-de|roach: Ok a last little question...
[FOE]OoZe: I would smack u otherwise
pq-de|roach: =)))

pq-de|roach: The first time money plays a role in the EC. What do you think about that fact?
pq-de|roach: Does it make the cup more interessting?
[FOE]OoZe: In Q3 TDM 2v2 I think it's nice with some money and especially the return with lan finals. In Q3CTF I don't care about the money, but it seems like money is bringing more activity to the scene which is nice. I wouldnt say that the money makes it more interesting, but the activity of more clans is always nice. To bad there wasnt any lan finals for CTF .

pq-de|roach: I hoped that too man and I also think that the money brings more activity and that is really a good point!
pq-de|roach: Ok that's it. I want to thank you for this nice interview and wish you GOOD LUCK for the 11th EurcoCup!
[FOE]OoZe: hehe np m8
[FOE]OoZe: Thx and to u aswell :>.
pq-de|roach: Thx.

pq-de|roach: If you want to you can greet somebody.
pq-de|roach: =)
[FOE]OoZe: I'll just greet the dudes in my clan. tiosiffrigt !
pq-de|roach: What does that mean?
[FOE]OoZe: Only my clan mates will understand so nvm .
pq-de|roach: Ok =).


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