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Interview mit check6\\cl0ck zu Quake 4 (von n1ghty):

iq-de: What are your first impressions of q4? How do you like it?
check6\\cl0ck: It's a game. Just like all the others, so-so out of the box, but once some good competition mods are made, it will be better.

iq-de: You signed up for the CPL-WT, do you think a new era of competitive gaming is born? Who do you expect to rule the coming months of q4?
check6\\cl0ck: Well. The game itself doesn't leave much room for people of other games to start playing and be good, atleast not for the first year or so. I was hoping the game would have had a little more 'newness' too it. right now its just doom3 with a railgun and q3 strafe jumping. As for players to rule the game I would be a fool if i didn't say that I would, but as for the others... watch for the usual czm, daler, cha0, soc, elpajou, etc.

iq-de: Do you think, that some newcomers will show us an upset? Or is it still too hard to get into such a q3-like game for other players?
check6\\cl0ck: If you're talking like cs players getting q4 and becoming good. Not likely within the first couple years. And as for some random kid to see the cover of Q4 in stores and buy it and become good, also not very likely. Competitive 1vs1 play has come way to far for that. There are things that each game will teach you about 1v1, things that you cant learn in a short period of time and that is why it just isn't possible. Look for maybe 1-2 top ut players to convert and do well, but besides that, it will be dominated by quake players.

iq-de: What would you expect from an game-patch or competitive mod?
check6\\cl0ck: What a hard question. Mostly brightskins. ID Software, Raven and Activision have done a great job with the in-game features of Q4 out of the box.

iq-de: How long would you expect q4 to get played intensive by a big community?
check6\\cl0ck: Atleast untill the CPL WT 06' is over. Then it will just depend on how many people actually played the game for fun.

iq-de: Maybe you have already seen it, some girls (g0d-clan) have signed up for the CPL-WT. What chances whould you give them to force against the male-gamers?
check6\\cl0ck: Well I am pretty good friends with the girls from g0d. We all recently went to NYC this past weekend for the digital life expo. Myself, MS.X and Missy all played q4 a little and the girls were winning the ffa's by the time they were done. I think girls have gotten to a point where they stand ALMOST as good of a chance as anyone else in these tournaments with q4. Everyone is starting on the same page, unfortunately gaming isnt in their like ours. :)

iq-de: Sounds interesting and impressive ! :) Do you think, that some inactive players will come back to q4? (for example zero4, z4muz, unkind)
check6\\cl0ck: zero4 wont, hes too succesful with poker, z4muz MAY but unkind probably wont

iq-de: Well what kind of maps would you like to see in the near future? Some remakes, with deeper tactics cause of tele-firing etc.
check6\\cl0ck: hmm, ztn would be a nice remake, CTF maps would be good, too, like the clasics, w2,cp5,cp9.

iq-de: So thanks for your Time+Interview, and Good Luck with your upcoming Q4 competitions! :)
check6\\cl0ck: Thanks man :)


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