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Interview mit g0d-trito zu Quake 4 (von n1ghty):

iq-de: How do you like q4? How would you compare it with q3?
g0d-trito: I think q3 is a perfect multiplayer game and I think q4 has good potential to become a really great game too, I like it so far!

iq-de: You and some of your clanmates have registered for the CPL-WT. How would you define your chances to make it to the $$$-places, besides the male-gamers mostly invent much more time in playing compared to you.
g0d-trito: Everyone that plays has a chance to make it to the top. Me an my clanmates just love to play Quake, so why shouldn't we register to play in a tournamnet. I hope this might encourage more girls to play competive and join tournaments.

iq-de: So you want more to play the game, than earning the cash-prizes? But for sure it would be a much bigger step, if a girl would place the top10 for example! :)
g0d-trito: Of course it would be awsome if one of us got a top 10 position, but I don't think about the cash, I just love the game. :)

iq-de: Well, thats the most important thing :) What in your opinion has to be fixed as fast as possible in q4?
g0d-trito: Allow box jumping, especially with maps like edge, right now the game gets to slow. I'm also waiting for brightskins since it's really hard to see your oponent sometimes.

iq-de: What kind of Gaming-Mod would you prefer, osp-like or cpma-like? What do you think will be choosen by the CPL?
g0d-trito: Since I've been playing OSP for q3 I would prefer a simular mode for q4 as well. Because of the slow weapon switching in q4, it would be like a total diferent game with cpma and fast switch weapon.

iq-de: Do you expect q4 as the "MP-Game" for the next years? Many ppl say that its the best new FPS-game since a long time.
g0d-trito: Yes, I think q4 is the game everyone has been waiting for and it's great to see top players from diferent games join together and play q4. I think we can expect very exciting years with a lot of good players. Considering how good q4 is now, right from the box, imagine what some years of patching and modes can do.

iq-de: Oh yes :) Lets hope that the competition mods will be released soon. Do you expect the non-quake player to be in an disadvantage compared to the quake-players?
g0d-trito: In the beginning they might be since the movement and weapons are so close to q3, but I think it will even out pretty quick. The gamers will have the tactics from other games and it wont take them long to get used to the weapons/movements.

iq-de: Well thanks for the interview and Good Luck and much Fun at the upcomein Events! :)
g0d-trito: Thank you! :) q4 <3



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