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Interview with a-L.MSI|Mieheg - 16th in the ingame.Quake-Cup Season Spring 2006 sponsored by connect3D Season Rankings after 5 Qualification-Tournaments.

iq-de: Hi a-L.MSI|Mieheg, please introduce yourself within a few lines.

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: Hi, my real name is Tom Radke. Im from Hamburg, Germany. Finally Im 20 years old and doing my "social service" till end of july.

iq-de: What do you do except playing Games? Any special hobbys? (What) Do you study?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: I except having fun while playing games. Of course if u play a mp game really often u except to get better and its more the competition then the game which keeps u on playing. For later the year I aim to travel to some international tournament outside of germany. Special hobbys ? Nothing special, some piano, some sports. As mentioned above, im doing my "social service", but thinking about study political economics thereafter.

iq-de: How well prepared do you see yourself for the final, is there something you could have done better to be perfectly prepared?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: Not really well prepared. I know most of the people will give the answer and its because most people arent happy about their performance, seeing themself doing many mistakes. Thats the reason why they still playing, to improve. But as i was a little busy last week, ill on WE and my mice is broken this week, i just can hope that i will get a new mice asap play some games the last days and just be in good shape on sunday. Another problem is the changed mappool, just saw the changes and im not really happy about it. Changing back to the old maps and cut some new ones doesnt even make any sense to me. But at the end, except for the people i just cant beat right now, it all comes back to shape. And u can be in shape, even without training much. But at least it will be some practice on 4 maps :)

iq-de: On which place do you see yourself at this time?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: Its a 16 Player tourney, im seed #16. :) Well, i know that i can beat most of the people at a good day, so 6-16, everything is possible. Lets see how much i can train and in which shape i will be.

iq-de: Which players are your favorites for the top 3 spots??

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: 1. Winz 2. Forever (its inet :p) 3. Ooze But as always, top 5/6 is really close.

iq-de: Which events in the next months are you mostly looking forward?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: Just cpl summer, because of the changed mappool. Will be kind of boring to watch wsvg, even if it will be interesting to see who will be on the top. Personally im looking forward to northcon, always fun beeing there :)

iq-de: There is actually no real order in the world of quake 4, like we saw in quake 3 - do you think this will change within the next few events?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: No

iq-de: Do you think there will come a second rush on Quake 4, so the change from any game -> Quake 4 (like many proposed) will happen?
If yes: What factors would kick Quake 4 out of the actual situation?
If no: Will Quake 4 die like Painkiller after one full season of events?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: I just can hope so. Im feeling like a lot of people flaming Quake 4 for strange reason. And crouchsliding is just so much fun, would be sad to see it dying. I guess everything will be decided by the next point release. But even with a perect game, some people just wont change and the 1vs1 competion base never was that big.

iq-de: What do you think about the future of competitive gaming, will we all move to console gaming, will ET:QW break in as the new game to play, what would you say for yourself would the community need most at present?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: I dont know anything about ET:QW but what CPL was doing with Painkiller was most likely what we need. A game that is so much fun to watch, even if just 100 people play it. I know it sounds strange, but 1vs1 never was popular if u look at the active players. The number of actice players not even get near to the numbers most of the team games have. So if u wanna have an 1vs1 competition, u better make it interessting to watch, because u never get so many active players that it is worth the sponsoring it has to get. Second, we need wsvg, cpl, kode5 etc. work together. Because having so less price money like wsvg offering is not even worth the travel for most of the people. Kode5 on the other hand isnt releasing any information and what cpl does, i guess that is sth we see next year.

iq-de: Do you think things will change in europe, so like seen in asia with a couple of full tv stations related to gaming?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: We already got a tv station related to gaming (GIGA) and a second will be starting soon, in english and for everyone in europe. I guess what u mean is more the "being a star" phenomenon in asia, and i dont think we will get it in europe real soon.

iq-de: Do you play any game except for Q4 at the moment?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: Wow :)

iq-de: Will you play ET:QW?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: Dunno

iq-de: Did you already play "Warsow"? Do you like it? Will it become even bigger and a real alternative for competitive gamers?

a-L.MSI|Mieheg: I played it once and watch the voo demo and im not really impressed. Wondering why people dont flame that game as much as they do it with Quake4. The answer for this is "its a beta" and "its free", but wth ? I dont enjoy a game just because its free or because its a beta, at the end it doesnt matter while im playing. Nonetheless its definetly not a bad game. The weapon effects just seems strange and sound really sucks. Perhaps i will test it more intensive another day, but i dont get the time atm.

iq-de: Thanks for your time and good luck for the final!



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