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Interview with dignitas\Xeon - 8th in the ingame.Quake-Cup Season Spring 2006 sponsored by connect3D Season Rankings after 5 Qualification-Tournaments.

iq-de: Hi dignitas\Xeon, please introduce yourself within a few lines.

dignitas\Xeon: Hello, my name is Salim Benhamada, 23 years old. I have recently joined Team Dignitas (, and I am quite happy about it.

iq-de: What do you do except playing Games? Any special hobbys? (What) Do you study?

dignitas\Xeon: I work as a Game Tester, I play progressive house/trance/breaks on turntables, and in the other time I go out with my girlfriend, she needs plenty of time of course. :) I started to study computer science and programming, but right now I am skipping some years with that.

iq-de: How well prepared do you see yourself for the final, is there something you could have done better to be perfectly prepared?

dignitas\Xeon: I feel confident about myself, although I still want to prepare some more. Depends on how much time do I have for it. The second part of the question... well, you can ask my ISP about it. In the last 2 weeks they have made some mistakes and sometimes my connection gets kinda laggy. There were hours when I wanted to practice, but I just couldn't because of the bad ping and packet loss. :/ If they don't fix it soon, I'm going to switch.

iq-de: On which place do you see yourself at this time?

dignitas\Xeon: You want me to tell you a number? :) This is a tricky question. It is hard to completely describe a player according to his online achievements. This is just a part of the whole thing. If you ask me about the online place, I think I have done well so far, but I can't tell you a number. I could give a better answer for this question only after I played in some LAN tourneys.

iq-de: Which players are your favorites for the top 3 spots??

dignitas\Xeon: Toxic, Cooller, fatal1ty.

iq-de: Which events in the next months are you mostly looking forward?

dignitas\Xeon: I am looking forward to Dreamhack, and I really would like to take part in CPL Summer. I also would like to take part in ESWC 2006, because I feel that I also deserve a spot there. Unfortunately, no hungarian company is organizing a qualification in my country. I even wrote a letter to ESWC management, asking them if they could maybe do an autoberth for Hungary, but they sent me an answer like "sorry dude, maybe next time". This is very disappointing for me, because I am confident that I would be the winner of the qualification.

iq-de: There is actually no real order in the world of quake 4, like we saw in quake 3 - do you think this will change within the next few events?

dignitas\Xeon: Probably when we will have the perfect and essential maps for tournaments, and if we will have a newer, bugfixed patch, with an upgraded q4max, the order will be better. Until then, it is going to be like as it is now. Changing the maps back and forth is not going to help the game. The problem lies in the community, and not in the game. I don't know if the upcoming events are going to fix this... We'll see.

iq-de: Do you think there will come a second rush on Quake 4, so the change from any game -> Quake 4 (like many proposed) will happen?
If yes: What factors would kick Quake 4 out of the actual situation?
If no: Will Quake 4 die like Painkiller after one full season of events?
dignitas\Xeon:I can't predict the future of this. :) Most people are kinda sceptic regarding Quake 4, because when they first tried it, they didn't like it, and they are not aware of that it has changed very much since its release. Maybe there is going to be a new wave of additional players, but who knows when... If you look at the european tourneys, you see that the top 10 are usually the same. It is hard for new players to get good, because the competition is serious. I don't think though that Quake 4 will die so soon like Painkiller. It will live longer, that's for sure.

iq-de: What do you think about the future of competitive gaming, will we all move to console gaming, will ET:QW break in as the new game to play, what would you say for yourself would the community need most at present?

dignitas\Xeon: Quake Wars will be a team based game, and it will have a huge community like CS. On the other hand I am sure that the duellers will play it for fun only, if they do. Competitive gaming is getting much more serious from time to time. I think that competitive gaming on consoles is way too smaller than on PC atm. The core of the competitive gamers won't move to console, since the most useful games are coming to PC. What we need is that it should be taken serious in all countries, and should be treated like any other sport. There should be a general tournament for all countries in all games every year, like an olympics or something (WCG and ESWC trying to get to this, but as we can see, they aren't 100% close to it yet). This would help outsiders to recognize that it's not just "playing a game".

iq-de: Do you think things will change in europe, so like seen in asia with a couple of full tv stations related to gaming?

dignitas\Xeon: Things will change in europe too, but slowly... As far as I know we also have some TV stations which are dedicated to gaming, but they are mostly online only. The sponsors and industries aren't putting money in this easily. And if you don't have the money, it is very hard to help this thing to advance forward.

iq-de: Do you play any game except for Q4 at the moment?

dignitas\Xeon: Yes, but not online. I play some single player games like Half-Life 2, Heroes V, etc. :)

iq-de: Will you play ET:QW?

dignitas\Xeon: I will try it, looks like fun. :) Who knows, maybe I will play it seriously, time will tell.

iq-de: Did you already play "Warsow"? Do you like it? Will it become even bigger and a real alternative for competitive gamers?

dignitas\Xeon: I tried it once, back in the days. I didn't like it. First of all, it looks too bad. Furthermore, I think that the hype around it is much bigger than the game itself. It has, and it will have its community, but I don't think that it will ever be on the same level as Quake.

iq-de: Thanks for your time and good luck for the final!



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