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Interview mit fnatic\toxic zum ESWC 2005 (von n1ghty):

pq-de: What do you expect for yourself and other players from this years eswc?
fnatic\toxíc: I expect a tight tourney, its alot of players in it and good ones, but my expect for my self is win it :)

pq-de: So to what players do you sell the most respect according to their skills?
fnatic\toxíc: fox,czm,cooller i know for sure is tight games, but the other russians jibo,evil,makaveli can be better then cooller i dont know them too well :)

pq-de: In the past weeks there were many demos at cyberfight from you playing against cooller, arrw and others. The results were very different. Hhow do you weight these games?
fnatic\toxíc: Not seriouse at all, i think no one of me or cooller play too seriouse to each other on inet, i know he doesnt play same style on inet with that ping, and i just tryed to give a shit about the armors and health, and just back and practise if i will get in that position on ESWC, arrw i dno hes good sure on ztn aleast, but we have played some times and hes not in same lvl as cooller at all :>

pq-de: How do you expect the so called "underdogs" like chance, whylf etc.?
fnatic\toxíc: Well i think they can be to count with for sure, u cant be sure against noone, because it depends on the enemys style, mb i got very hard to play fox ex, but cooller style will not be to hard, but czm mabye got big trouble to found out the tactic against him, so i will do all my best all maps and not count with easy wins :>

pq-de: But czm showed some crazy mapcontrol+tactics at E3-Showgames against cooller, that he had no stay on the "time-all-armors-away" tactic. How would you count these games?
fnatic\toxíc: Well i deffently count czm as better player then cooller, czm will win against cooller because his timing is nice and he is hiting the important rails against cooller. If cooler doesnt have 200-200 and shot 1 mm from the enemy he will not win, he need this 200-200 to jump around and play his style :>

pq-de: What do you say to the mapchoice this year with the default-pool (dm6,ztn,pt4) and newcomer-map hub3a + oldschool q3dm13 ? maybe a disadvantage for several new players ?
fnatic\toxíc: For myself i like these maps i most say, for the new players its mabye disadvantage but it have been that always on tourneys with ffdm2 , cpm1a for me for example :)

pq-de: Do you think the again-selected player-vs-player mode will give us a more intensitive tournament than the group-mode as last year?
fnatic\toxíc: I think this rulez will be nice :>

pq-de: Well, at least, what players do you predict as the top5 for ESWC?
fnatic\toxíc: me,czm,cooller,jibo,fox - i sayd it in random :>

pq-de: Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview!
fnatic\toxíc: ok np

pq-de: We wish you good luck at eswc, and that you reach your goals! :> Any greetings ?
fnatic\toxíc: Thx, no i dont think so =)


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